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Subway Surfer's that claims to beat the popularity of Temple Run 2 that was released earlier by making a more fun environment in that same chase and run gameplay. Normally you are a funky sprayer who is chased by a fat police man and his loyal dog, well you need to surf the whole subway streets by finding your path and just running in the whole game, you have boost up's and that same coin collecting strategy that you might have seen in Temple Run 2, but the best thing is that this game has some free gameplay environment that makes it much more cooler. So I got some screenshots from the you might wanna check out.
Well officially this game was not available for windows PC but somehow I think someone has managed to design its whole setup for Windows PC and now this game is live and its working perfect. So now Subway Surfers graphics on Windows machine is just awesome, and the gameplay is same too, so you can run and control your buddy using simple mouse clicks and drags.
  1. Download Subway Surfer's PC Game using above link.
  2. Now it's a .zip file extract it.
  3. Now you will see simple Subway Surfer's folder double click on it.
  4. Now to play it click on the Subway Surfer's .exe file.
  5. Now you can choose the display size & hit Play!
  6. For any further instructions you can see the Instruction's text file.

Subway Surfers PC Game Control's

So control's for this game is dam! simple, you are not going to use any keyboard keys or something but simple mouse will work just fine.
  • Turn Left - well to turn left you can click and drag your mouse on left.
  • Turn Right - well to turn right you can click and drag your mouse on right.
  • Jump - to jump you need to click and drag your mouse in upward direction.
  • Slide - to slide you need to click and drag your mouse in downward direction.
  • Power Boost Up - just double click mouse button and it will activate that thing.
So I hope you will enjoy this awesome game, and it will surely get some fun time, do comment if you find any problem's and do share this post with your friends too :)

No Start Button or Playing Problem !

Well many people are commenting that they are not able to see any Start Button or Tap to Play option, well that's because you might not be having graphic card installed, I did not face any problem as I was having graphic card installed, so there is any easy way to fix this thing up, well you need to use 3D Analyzer software to use your RAM as Graphic Memory.
Well just check out this awesome tutorial that will help you install and use 3D Analyzer. So download it out and follow instruction mentioned on that site to get this game working. Still find any problem do comment.
UPDATE You might need to install Microsoft Visual C++ software on your PC  so if you do not have a graphic card installed try installing Visual C++ software. Thanks to him :)

Thanks to Rushab Jain of for this awesome article.

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  1. please give me the settings of 3d Analyzer for this game.

    please please please please please please please please please please please.........

    1. I Have Aleady Attached It in Post.
      Download c++

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. how can i use keyboard or my Joystick to enjoy this game???

  4. OMG! Hell Thanks man..Works Like a Charm..(Y)

  5. how to use boosts i can use just one when i start i see both headstarts then i click on headstart 1000 and i use but when i wanna again that i dont know that how to do it not working and how to use keybord please write me controls

  6. awesome knowldge thanks man its works :) :)

  7. game s started but i cant play wats d prob...

  8. Thank you sooo much !!


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