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Blogger has provided us a way to blog free form from anywhere, anytime on anything. We develop our blog, we design it and start blogging, but sometimes I think blogger really misses out few things that WordPress can give us, the power of SEO but blogger proved us wrong by introducing Search Preferences in blogger free platform a way back, well I do not have any post on what it is if you do not know about it but I have posted about the custom permalink feature that blogger provides everyone.

Now the another big SEO thing blogger can be tweaked up with is its meta tagging feature or support what ever you call, so now you can add meta tags to optimize your blog and your posts too. So if you wondering how you can add meta tags like description and keywords in individual posts then check out below tutorial.

Adding Meta Description Officially through Blogger

search-description-postsNow for every individual post you can add separate meta description for it right from its editing dashboard. You just need to write some description lines and it will automatically become its meta tags.
First of all on Blogger make sure that you can enabled the description option in Search Preferences, go to

Blogger > Settings > Search Preferences > Description.
Enable description and write down your blogs description.
Now after enabling this feature you can visit any of you posts or write a new posts and you will see a new Search Description field in your posts editor.
Just fill it whatever description you want to give to that post.
That it now Save it and publish your posts, you description will be added as meta tag for that post.
Now this option does not include any keywords field so if you want to add individual keywords to your post than check about below above step.

Adding Meta Description & Keywords directly in Edit HTML

Well now with this step you can easily add description and keywords to your blogger post but with this method you need to add many code for every single post. So its not recommended fro every post but for some certain posts if you think seriously needs to have keywords and description than you can use this method.

Well we will using the same meta tags used to optimize default blogs homepage but by using some conditional tags you can optimize separate posts.

Open Blogger > Template > Edit HTML

Now if you already have meta tags added for your blog than right below those meta tags add these conditional meta tags.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == &quot;http://Post-URL-Here&quot;’>
<meta content=’Description Here‘ name=’description’/>
<meta content=’Keywords Here‘ name=’keywords’/></b:if>
Now you need to replace the Post URL with your blog post on which you want to use these meta description and keywords, and change description and keywords too.
That’s it now if you have more just add the same code below it and change the post URL, now your posts will be optimized with description and keywords.
So there is no limit you can optimize as many post as you want, so have fun implementing this and improving your search rankings.

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