Add Moving Clouds In Background Blogger Using Jquery

By Pravin Purohit   Posted at  07:54   Blogger 18 comments

Add Moving Clouds in Background Blogger using jqueryHave a Look at This Image. Its wow? Isn't it? So this is a simple css and jquery trick which makes the background image move. if you'll see the Image is constant. it isnt a gif. its the jquery which make the background move

Did Amazed with pic? Check

Steps to Add this to your own Blog / site.

So Its Very Easy to Add this to you blog

  • Visit Blogger > Dropdown menu > Template > Edit HTML
  • Now Press Ctrl  + f and search for body{ [this is actually starting of your blogs body]
  • And Replace the body{ with the code below
background:#c1deee url( repeat-x scroll top left;
  • Now Your Background Will be seen :) But we need to move the Clouds . ie background image
  • So Add the following code Above

<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/>
<script charset=’utf-8′ type=’text/javascript’>var scrollSpeed=70;var step=1;var current=0;var imageWidth=2247;var headerWidth=800;var restartPosition=-(imageWidth – headerWidth);function scrollBg(){current -=step;if (current==restartPosition){current=0;}$(&#39;body&#39;).css(&quot;background-position&quot;,current+&quot;px 0&quot;);}var init=setInterval(&quot;scrollBg()&quot;, scrollSpeed)</script>

  • Yeah! Hi five your blog now have a animnated background. just remove code highlighted above if you have already included jquery and change speed as you Wish
Leave a Comment Below if any problem and thanks to the Developer :)

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    1. Wonderfull. Ya made my day :)

    2. how to make it fast?

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Is it possible to make it to 2 separate moving backgrounds? Say 2 different backgrounds moving at different speed? Please advise... Thank a lot!

      1. Sorry But We Cant Add Two Background Images To Blog :)

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Great

    7. Hello Pravin
      I love this particular hack, but I can not find body{
      in the template.
      I am using SIMPLE Template in the new Designer.
      Any ideas Please?

      Thank you


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